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Where the political party never ends

Are you frustrated because it seems like you’re politically insignificant? Does it feel like your vote is only worth .00000001%, your donation accounts for a measly .0000000000001% of political spending, and, at the end of the day, your choices kind of suck anyway because you can only choose between the red team or the blue team? 

First, the good news: that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel – that’s how math and our political system work. Now, the bad news: that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel – that’s how math and our political system work.

So how do we move forward in spite of the realities of math and the broken American political system?

Let’s Speak Together

Why Speak with us?

Because Power > Policy

Speak creates parallel and lateral power structures

  • Money – an audience and a viable value proposition
  • Process – a methodology to acquire and use resources to fulfill the value proposition
  • Infrastructure – what is built to support and enhance the process

Our milestones are elections and legislative sessions so our success is defined by winning elections and exerting political power on a policy. The only way we can do that is to build a community that builds parallel power structures and raise money, participate in an effective process, and help build the infrastructure needed to support the whole thing. 

Because The Phone Is The Portal To The World

Speak meets people where they’re at, you know, on their phones

  • We spend most of our free screen time on our phone
  • Social networks take up the bulk of user time on phones
  • The revolution won’t be televised, but it will be streaming

If you haven’t earned a distinct spot on someone’s phone, you don’t exist to them, or in the best-case scenario, you’re not important to them. The competition to get people’s attention takes place primarily on the phone. Our goal is to create a mobile experience that allows people to participate in an impactful political community while doing what we all do so well, staring at our phones. 

Because Motivation Matters 

Speak believes in the power of intrinsic motivation

  • Autonomy – the desire to control your own life
  • Mastery – the yearning to get better at something that matters
  • Purpose – the aspiration to exert autonomy and ply mastery in service of something greater than yourself

Why did Wikipedia become the world’s preeminent digital encyclopedia? Why was it two bicycle nerds in Ohio who figured out how to fly before anyone else? Because they had the intrinsic motivation of seeking autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We believe incentives help shape our lives, which is why we’ve pinned our success to the intrinsic motivational model. We offer the same incentives/value propositions to everyone involved: We need your help in raising money, participating in a process, and building infrastructure and in return, we offer you the autonomy to do so, the ability to master it and the purpose of being the political change you wish to see in the world.

Mission: Question power. Compel action.

We strive to [question power] and [compel action.] Only [new methods] provide [new results.] We [believe deeply] that [everything is political] and [every year is an election year.]

About Us

Speak is the flagship product of Dais Publica, Inc. Founded in 2019, by Nomiki Konst, Bill Volhein, and Andrew Halterman, Dais Publica was formed as an answer to two questions: 

1) Why are we in this political predicament in the first place?

2) Knowing that, how do we move forward?

We answered these questions as follows: we got here because the American political system is broken, and the only path forward, outside of changing the rules, is to change how we play by the rules. Political engagement and political action need to be newly defined for a new generation of working-class people.

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