Why are we here?

Yes, it’s spelled “$peak.” Yes, you eventually get used to typing it. But why the dollar sign? Why “$peaking”?

If you feel as though you’re politically insignificant because your vote is only worth .0000001%, your $35 donation accounts for .000000000001% of political spending, and at the end of the day you can only choose between the red team and the blue team – that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. That is how math and our political system work. 

So how do we move forward in spite of the realities of math and the broken American political system?

Let’s $peak

For us, that means recognizing three things:

  1. People only have so much time and will to participate in politics, so they must feel their time is used effectively
  2. Money is simultaneously one of the root causes of the breakdown of American politics and it is one of the only ways to address those root causes; and…
  3. The time and money people spend on politics is most effective when it’s pooled with others and brokered during elections and legislative sessions. 

We believe that while voting and contributing $35 are great and necessary, the time and money spent doing such is more effective if its aggregated and honed as part of a community. $peaking is different than speaking because when you $peak you join a chorus of voices that can be heard louder than any individual. $peak acts as the metaphorical and literal platform for you and your community to create and exert political power together.

So when we ask you to join us and $peak, we’re asking for you to be the political change you wish to see in the world by spending your time and money, and to join our community of people doing the same. When we build a community with enough $peakers, the math tips in our favor, and although it won’t fix the political system, it at least gives us a chance to fight against it.

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