What We Are About & Why?

What are we about? Why are we about it?

Our mission can either be a series of phrases or a few rambling sentences, depending on how the marketing department wants to use it.

Mission Pillars

Community & culture

  • No investors, no users, no employees
  • The product is the means, not the ends
  • This isn’t about you (yes, you, especially you)

Our primary focus is to build a community that fosters a culture of political engagement and power. We’re not developing a product or a technology nor are we looking for investors, users, or employees – we’re building a community and a culture that just so happens to be a technology product that engages investors, users and employees. So while we value and recognize individual contributions, we understand that the power of the individual is most readily actualized through the community.

Live tech or die trying

  • Dodos, chickens and hawks
  • Embrace moving targets
  • Meet people where they’re at

There are 3 types of organizations: dodos, who don’t know how to integrate with technology, chickens, who use it but it’s not their focus, and hawks, who have technology at the core of their being. If technology doesn’t define your organization, it’s going to go extinct (dodo) or become feed for hawks (chickens). We use technology as our central organizing principle, this means embracing moving targets and meeting people where they are at (on the phone that’s either in their pocket or a few inches from their face).

It’s the accountability, stupid

  • Don’t hate the mayor, hate the game
  • Lack of accountability means lack of results
  • Change how you play, not how the game is played

A government that is no longer accountable to the people is no longer for the people. There are two dynastic political parties more concerned with perpetuating their power than governing as they’re elected. We recognize that a lot of politicians are morally lazy individuals who will only be as non-corrupt as they are forced to be, it’s incumbent upon the electorate to create mechanisms of accountability to weed out these types of politicians. 

Power first, policy second

  • Policy doesn’t win elections
  • Policy is super boring sometimes
  • Power is needed to enact policies

If the last 40 years of politics have taught us anything, it’s that policy has little to nothing to do with winning elections. With all due respect to policy wonks, a lot of public policy is boring and pedantic. Of course, enacting policies that improve people’s lives is a general goal of $peak, but in order to even have a credible conversation about the definition of what precisely that means, attaining power in the first place is paramount. 

Imperfect ally > enemy

  • Gatekeeping hurts the community more than it helps
  • Put your money and time where your mouth and feet are
  • The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy, we just share select goals

Your allies aren’t people who agree with you, they are those who are willing to fight by your side. We believe gatekeeping is the worst way to build coalitions and welcome a diverse coalition of ideas and backgrounds. We do not approve or condone most people in most circumstances, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work together to create a political force to be reckoned with.

Question Power

Voting, political, and social institutions have failed the progressive left. It is only by actively questioning established power and daring to imagine independent solutions that we can advance an agenda.

Compel Action

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the sweat of people rising up to challenge political convention and oligarchical powers. Only engagement and action will solve our current crises.

New Methods

The decade that started with Occupy Wallstreet ended with President Trump and a conservative Supreme Court for a generation. Power must be newly defined for a new generation in a way that challenges the old ways of thinking.

New Results

We’re on an unsustainable path and we have been for several decades. The future of our republic and planet earth itself is dependent upon fixing income inequality and addressing climate change.

Believe Deeply

There are a bunch of reasons why $peak won’t work and is a terrible idea. Those reasons, by in large, are valid. That said, we are confidently asking you to join us in slamming an unstoppable force into an immovable object and believing deeply that it’s not just a good idea, it’s the only idea.

Everything is Political

Our competition is older, bigger, richer, and entrenched. So we plot with purpose and act with intention and that starts with having the mentality that politics permeates all facets of public life and rather than shy away from that, we embrace it.

Every Year is an Election Year

No matter the year, elections happen, laws are passed, lawsuits are litigated. There is no off-season, there is no break, there is no rest in seeking to alter the political landscape. The struggle is real and constant, daily.

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