Speak like Ninja

speak@ninja>>> print("Hello World")

What is it?

Have you ever confused 😕 about how to start public speaking in Tech Industry? which conferences are looking for speakers? how to deliver a talk? or looking for public speaking resources?

Speakninja is a newsletter that deliver up-to-date 📢 Call for Proposals (CFPs), Inspiration talk and video 📹, speaking tips and all public speaking resources 📚 straight to your 📥 inbox.

Batteries Included

  • 📢 Call for Proposals Update
  • Inspirational Talk and Video 📹
  • 😎 Speaking Tips
  • Public Speaking Resources 📚
  • Podcast 🎙️ (Coming Early 2019)

Why Subscribe?

You can read our archive, but the nature of speakninja is newsletter that you receive every Friday straight to your 📥 inbox. Oh yeah! the reason why I started speakninja is to encourage more underrepresented fancy 🎩 people to speak and show others that there is a place for them in the Tech Industry.


You can contribute to speakninja by sharing your resources to rizky[at]speak.ninja or creating issue here.

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