Here is about page for speakninja, please enjoy!

What is speakninja

Speakninja is opensource newsletter, we deliver Public Speaking resources in Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) straight to your 📥 inbox. We want to answer fancy 🎩 people like question like how start public speaking in Tech Industry? which conferences are looking for speakers? how to deliver a talk? or need recommendation of public speaking resources?.

We want to encourage more underrepresented fancy 🎩 people to speak and show others that there is a place for them in the Tech Industry.

When I will get newsletter

You will get newsletter every Friday.

How’s my privacy

We use tinyletter to send newsletter so please refer to tinyletter privacy policy about use of personal information.

We will not share your email to third party services or even spam you with promotional product, seriously I hate SPAM and promotion email, my inbox is full of promotional email.

Contact Person?

You may contact us at rizky[at]speak.ninja